Fear of Without

We're excited to feature our friend Fanus on the blog today! He and Tony meet up on a weekly basis (over coffee, of course) to discuss life, faith and spiritual journey. Fanus in five words? Gentle, old soul, introspective, kind, deep. Ok, that was six, but you get the gist.

We'd like to thank Fanus for allowing us to share a bit of his heart with the world, and we encourage you to take time to meditate on his words. Then reflect on your own heart. How are you today, really

The life that has and is being built for me since I decided to folllow Christ was done so in my weakness and in his strength. All the things he has put in my life will come crashing down on me without him.

You can feel the difference when you do the same things with and without him. Your heart is in a different place without him and the situations in which you find yourself become riddled with fear and uncertainty. Leading to brash and desperate decisions.

I am afraid of losing the things that he put in my life, because they are so good for me and were unattainable in my own strength. So I grasp onto these things with a desperate fear of losing them. In doing this, I lose focus of the one who brought me here, the one who gave me the strength that I needed when all seemed lost.

I need to shift my focus to the one who has built these things into my life, the one who is truly in control and the one who loves me.

There is a peace in Christ which is unparalleled. His perfect love eradicates all fear. I need him more than I know and only in him I will find rest for my weary soul.

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