Well, we're married! And this week, we're refueling!

We hope to share more in the coming weeks about our wedding and ministry, about what we've learned and where we're headed. But today, we want to extend thanks and love to the people who've made this season of our lives a possibility.

Parents: Dwight & Suzanne, Bryan & Debbie
Grandparents: Granddaddy & CC, Aunty Jean
Siblings: Leslie, Kellie, Chase, Lauren, Pamela, John, Brandon
Wedding Gang: Leslie, Kellie, Jennifer, Chase, Derek, Daniel, Greg, Ashley
Marriage Counselors: Randy & Betsy

Also, thank you to everyone who celebrated our wedding and engagement with us and to those who have and continue to support us financially and prayerfully. We love each of you dearly!

Photo credit: Jordan Blankenbecler