Exciting YEBO Life News: Hosting Teams

When God spoke YEBO into being in August 2013, I had a feeling it would eventually develop into something bigger than I expected. (That is, if I continually surrendered the vision for YEBO to the Lord... over and over again.) Months later in Cambodia, my ministry contacts’ daughter said nearly the same thing when I told her about the idea for a women’s retreat. “I think this is going to be much bigger than what you think it’s going to be.”

“I know,” I said. And for some reason, I did know. 

That was my original heartbeat—to host a women’s retreat in Knoxville, TN. Mid-August, I fasted for four days, and during that time, I received bits and pieces of what was a much bigger picture. The gist of what God commanded me to do at that time was this:

  • Create a safe space for female community.
  • Initiate discussion on what it looks like to say “yes” (or “yebo”) to God’s plan for life.
  • Take a backseat, and let the Holy Spirit move.
  • Call it YEBO.

Through more prayer and introspection, I realized five elements that would, at some point, become the foundation for YEBO.

  1. Serve
  2. Dream
  3. Journey
  4. Community
  5. Explore

Today, I sit and stare at those words in amazement. They’re exactly where YEBO, or what Tony and I now call “YEBO Life,” is headed. 

They’re the parameters for God’s big-picture vision for our lives, and fulfillment of that vision is happening much faster than we expected. Everything Tony and I do as YEBO Life missionaries is geared toward fulfilling one or more of those five elements.

So, here’s the exciting news: Tony and I are hosting our first missions team as a couple... and all 16 of them arrive in Cape Town (from Michigan) on Friday!

Hosting missions teams is a big part of Tony’s calling. I’ll be around part of the time to help support him, to get to know the team and to continue serving the children in Masiphumelele. My heart is for creating things and supporting those in need (other missionaries and impoverished people), so the remainder of my time will be spent working on developing YEBO Life’s and Waterbird’s frameworks.

That leads me into our next bit of exciting news: We’re planning two YEBO Life missions trips for the end of THIS year! For those interested in doing missions work in Africa, here are the details:

Trip dates:  November 7-17 and December 5-15
Spaces:  Four adults per trip
Cost:  $800 per person + airfare
Ministry locations:  Masiphumelele, Lavender Hill

The cost includes accommodation, transportation, all meals and site-seeing. Airfare is excluded, and currently, flights on Kayak.com are in the $1,300 range (ATL to CPT). Depending upon the group’s desire and budget, we can also arrange an all-day shark diving or safari excursion at an extra cost.

Simon's Town Harbor, Cape Town, South Africa

If you would like more information about a missions trip or have questions about fundraising, please send us a message. If you’ve prayed about your decision and would like to attend a trip, you can fill out the application form on our Missions Teams page.

One last thing, if you feel called to participate in one of these trips but are concerned about financial provision, accept these words of encouragement from someone (me) who’s been fundraising for two years now: We serve a God with unlimited resources, and if it’s in His will for you to serve in Cape Town (or wherever He’s leading you), have faith that He WILL provide.

To our family, friends and supporters, you can now stay more up-to-date with our ministry by connecting with us on our new Facebook page and Instagram (@yebolife). Thank you so much for your continued support!