6 Things to Do before Going on a Road Trip (Part I)

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Julie and I recently loaded up our car and embarked on a road trip of note! This isn't just any trip. It's the trip of a lifetime. Seriously, I'm literally talking about the road trip of life. We were so miraculously blessed in January, and we're moving with more clarity and direction than ever. We've been challenged to dream big and to implement a plan that's submitted, in obedience, to the Lord. So, last week, we whipped out a desk calendar and started preparing for the adventure ahead.

That got me thinking about what it looks like to explore unchartered areas of our physical environment as a metaphor for what it looks like to explore unchartered areas of our lives. Any successful road trip requires some forethought and planning, yeah? Well, the same goes for life... and for your story, too.

When preparing to go on a road trip, first you may want to do a pre-trip vehicle inspection. Much like checking the oil, tire pressure, headlights, and blinkers and making sure you have a fresh spare in the trunk, it's important to examine yourself before embarking on an adventure with God. Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel called to embark on the journey?
  • Have you prayed about it?
  • Do you feel confirmed in your decision to go?

 If not, don't go. But if you get the green light, it's wise to do six things. Let's talk about the first one:

1. Prepare for the journey.

You'll have mountains to climb and valleys to weave, rivers to cross and blizzards to weather. Sometimes it'll be wise to stay indoors for a day or two. The outdoors is a beautiful thing, but it can be a dangerous place without the right equipment, so equip yourself—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. If you're going to summit Mt. Everest, you may consider climbing Mt. LeConte first.

God has already equipped you with everything you need for your story, but it's your domain of responsibility to dig deeper into your relationship with Him and seek to sharpen the tools He's given you. Everything in your life will flow from your relationship with Him. First, "heart to God." Seek relationship with Him, take a course, upskill yourself, read Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, hone your gifts, tend to your weaknesses—all with Him. Then, go and "spread the stoke." 

Do you find yourself here at step one? If so, how are you preparing yourself for your journey?

Over the next two weeks, we'll talk about the remaining five steps:

  1. Know what direction you're going in.
  2. Use a GPS.
  3. Anticipate poor driving conditions.
  4. Find friends for the ride.
  5. Have roadside assistance.

Heart to God.
Spread the Stoke.