To Love or To Run Away... That is the Question

Since being in the States, Tony and I have had the privilege of roaming through eight states. We've gotten to stop and have coffee and enter into other people's spaces.

We've had a dainty lunch in Louisville, witnessed miracles in Detroit, built relationships in Knoxville, wandered new-old streets in Atlanta, enjoyed sun and football in Peachtree City, and shared margaritas and laughs in Baton Rouge.

Our journey has only begun.

We have many more cities, people, and meal dates to go... and historically, at about this time, I'd be shutting down. In all honesty, I'd be so sick of relationships and conversations and meet-ups that I'd want to crawl under the bed and hide for days. But over the last fews years, I've become aware of my relational capacity. While I definitely try to honor my limits, I'm also praying that God expands them outward — more room, more space to love and share.

I admire those who have so much love and space in their hearts for other people. Last week, we joined my grandfather for lunch with one of his social circles. As we said our goodbyes, one lady squeezed Tony and me and said in her sweet Southern voice, "I just love y'all so much! I just wanna take y'all home and spoil ya!" Now, I've only seen her twice in my life (and have exchanged less than 100 words), but she was dead serious! She really does love us.

That kind of love for people baffles me. More often, I catch myself thinking things like, "Y'all drive me crazy! And I just wanna run away!"

But God is good; He is faithful; and His heart is for people. Jesus told His disciples that people would know Him by how they loved one another.

I encourage us all to rise to the challenge. Not by striving to be "The Woman with the Greatest Capacity for People," but by courageously asking God to fill us with so much love for Him and for others that we have no other option but to spill it out onto the world around us.