On Faith & Fundraising

This blog was written on December 1, 2015, and since then, Tony and I have sent out fundraising letters to our friends and contacts in the States. You can read that letter here, and learn more about our fundraising needs here. Tony and I raise money for our personal salaries as well as for Yebo Life's operating budget. Please email Tony at tony@yebo-life.com if you have questions about becoming one of our sponsors.

I spent the majority of yesterday in a state of panic and worry—worrying about whether or not I'm on track with my life's purpose and about if Tony and I are going to have enough money for 2016. I was in my own head nearly all day long.

Since being in the States, Tony and I have talked about sending out a fundraising letter, but soon after we discussed it, the Holy Spirit said to me, “Don’t send out that letter.”

“What in the world?” I thought. “God, how are we supposed to let people know that we’re in need of funding?” As I sat on His command, I realized what was going on. I was taking matters into my own hands, and that’s the antithesis of what He’s called us to do.

I recently read through Our Love Story—32 blog posts that Tony and I co-wrote after getting married to tell the story of our coming together—and I was reminded of the kind of life we’ve been called to live: one of radical faith and utter dependence on God. Seriously, it’s a journey that has us shaking in our boots… often.

The Bible is clear about the fact that God takes care of His children... but we're supposed to rely solely on Him for guidance and provision.

Over the course of a few weeks, Tony and I finally felt released to write that letter, and we made a plan to do it today. Still, I was hesitant. I’ve heard many Jesus followers say that their biggest fear is going against the will of God, and in this season, I can especially relate.

I woke up this morning, made a cup of coffee, and plopped open my Bible. I’ve been aiming to read the Bible cover-to-cover, so I started where I’d left off yesterday—at Matthew 17. The story of the Temple tax is at the very end of the chapter.

Peter needs to pay some tax collectors on behalf of Jesus and himself, but before he can even get a word out, Jesus instructs Peter to go down to the lake and to cast out a fishing line. “Pull in the first fish that bites. Open its mouth and you’ll find a coin. Take it and give it to the tax men. It will be enough for both of us.”

People!!! We serve a God of miraculous provision. Amen?! He’s never worried about where the next coin will come from, but we are. And that’s precisely where we go wrong: at the point of worry.

God holds the entire world in His hands. One million dollars is literally pocket change to Him—if I could only wrap my head around that one!

As soon as I finished reading that story, I ran upstairs to grab my journal and a pen. I hadn’t journaled in over a month. I wrote quickly. I repented of my worrying and gave God my “yes.” Then I wrote in cursive across one page: “Miraculous Provision.”

Within seconds of writing those words, I received an email notification. “Yebo Life has received a contribution of $500.00.” Then another one: “You have received $22.50 via PayPal.” And then another one: “You have received a $50.00 donation via World Outreach.”

All God wants is for us to check our fears at the door and to trust Him.

That being said, I’m confident that our 2016 in Cape Town is going to be provided for—somehow, someway. God has given us big vision for Yebo Life, and He will certainly equip us to complete His good work!

Tony and I want you to know that we consider you a part of the “army” that enables us to do what we do. If you would like to sponsor us, you can make tax-deductible donation here. If you're unable to donate at this time, please commit to partnering with us through prayer, encouragement, sharing our mission with others, and/or coming to Cape Town for a missions trip. We love you guys!