I'm Just Ready for 2016

This week is probably the weirdest week of the year for me! 2015 has come to an end, but 2016 has yet to begin. It’s a week of limbo, which makes it a great time to stop, take a deep breath, reflect on what’s happened, and prepare for what lies ahead.

I heard someone say last week, "I'm just ready for 2016... I think." Even with the unknown looming, I can say the same.

I've taken some time over the last several days to think about the coming year, and although I have no way of actually knowing what the future holds, I tried my hand at goal setting and pondered on where I could've done better in 2015. 

One thing that struck me was this: anything without Jesus is pointless.

Hear this, all you peoples; listen, all who live in this world, both low and high, rich and poor alike: My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the meditation of my heart will give you understanding.
— Psalm 49:1-3, NIV

The psalmist started off by saying, "Listen up everybody! That means all of you… the rich and the poor alike." This guy evidently had something important to say! 

If you read the entire psalm (I strongly suggest you do), the writer questioned why he should fear in times of trouble. You see, he had been surrounded by enemies—some wealthy people who boasted in their riches. But instead of giving into the temptation to walk in fear, he concluded that no man can buy his salvation.

No man can ransom his brother. The dead take nothing to their grave. In their own strength, the dead remain dead, and scarily, some of them remain in the grave forever. 

Likewise, when operating in our own strength, we lead our own selves into trouble. We may even lead those closest to us into trouble—into a death that stays dead.

Verse 15 says, "BUT GOD will redeem me from the realm of the dead; he will surely take me to himself." I love that—BUT GOD. He's everything. He’s the point. He’s the redeemer and the rock of our salvation. Without Him, we remain dead. 

I urge you to sit with Jesus this week and to meditate on this Scripture. He will lead your thoughts and open up your heart. Ask Him: 

  • What will He have you "put your plough to" in 2016? 
  • What does giving into the "temptation to walk in fear" look like in your life? How can you combat it?
  • Which will you invest in—the kingdom or the world? 
  • Where will your time, energy, and effort be spent? 
  • What will your life display? 

We all have an amazing opportunity to stop for a moment this week, to meditate, and to pray about the year that’s passed and the year that’s to come. Let's give everyday to Jesus and watch Him do amazing things in our lives and in the lives around us.

I'd love to read your comments about what God’s calling you to in 2016 or how He’s brought peace to your heart as you finish out a difficult 2015. Your testimonies may be exactly what someone else needs to hear!