3 Things That'll Be Tested When You Grow Organically with God

Organic products grown in healthier soil contain higher amounts of nutrients, and many taste better than their conventional counterparts. There is no better choice for one’s consumption than organic produce.
— www.organicfood.sg

Organic seems to be the way forward nowadays. For good reason, too. It's safer, healthier, and more sustaining to the organism it's nourishing. Organic meat, vegetables and fruit, dairy products, and coffee truly are the way to go.

Organic farming has been around since the beginning of man. Only in the past few decades were other forms of agriculture adopted by farmers. The newer methods, however, overwork and neglect the earth. Our soil is overused and depleted of vital nutrients. 

Likewise, in today's Western culture, we feel the pressure to grow and move at a rate that ultimately produces physical and emotional exhaustion. Recently, God's been talking to me about what it looks like to grow organically with Him — as a person and as a grassroots organization.

Yebo Life has experienced rapid growth in the last two months, and I've been tempted to expand our team and network at high speeds instead of resting in the truth that God will cultivate the organization — in His timing and in His way.

Growth does not determine success. Growth is simply a fruit of a heart rooted in the knowledge of Jesus. If we're being obedient to God, we're being successful. That's a countercultural concept that I must remind myself of on a daily basis! And the reminder goes a little something like this: "My desire is to see God's Kingdom stretching over the nation of South Africa. Over the world. My desire is not to see Tony Barwick's kingdom spanning a few suburbs in Cape Town."

As you seek organic growth with God in your own life, here are 3 things that'll be put to the test:

1. Your patience 
The best sculptures often take time. Whether He takes two months or 20 years, allow God to shape and mold your story. Fight the temptations to 1. copy and 2. compare by not looking to the right or to the left, but by staying focused on God and what He's called you to do. It's OK that your chapter 5 doesn't look like your neighbor's chapter 15!

2. Your wisdom
It takes Godly wisdom to know when to move forward and when to sit tight, to know when to structure systems and when to be open to creativity and change. Don't feel like you have wisdom? Well, Jesus's younger brother, James, said that if you lack wisdom, you should ask for it.

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.
— James 1:5, NIV

Remember that God's wisdom often won't align with the world's wisdom. The world will tell you to tithe less and to hoard your finances, but God may tell you to give away half a month's earnings. God and the world take different stances on what it means to be blessed, to be happy, to be successful, and so on.

3. Your trust
God has gifted you as an individual. Trust that you were created in His image and that He has placed His qualities inside you. You have His stamp of delight, and He has destined you to a life that only you can live. Like the body needs the eye, the finger, and the knee, the body of Christ needs the Cleo, the Sarah, and the Joshua. Trust that the people around you need you to be you. They need you to bring your unique self to the party.

As you seek to grow organically with God, remember that He is the source and giver of life. He doesn't need you to plant, water, grow, or harvest yourself. All of these things — growth, patience, wisdom, and trust — come from Him. And in return, He doesn't need your performance. He only wants your heart.

Seek to spend some extra time with God today, to receive His love and grace, and watch Him go to work in your life.