It Changed Me

Lately, I've been seeing fires ignited in hearts. Not flash fires, ferociously blazing one minute and gone the next — but ones that are sustaining. Fires that'll produce glowing embers that nothing formed against them can extinguish.

God's spirit is moving with a sense of purpose, and it's not by mistake that certain individuals are awakening. "For, now is the time for my people," He says "I have chosen them."

Yes, there's been an awakening of souls in the city of Cape Town, and I'm humbled to be a part of it. People who've never encountered Jesus Christ are being drawn nearer and nearer — to something they've never known or felt before. And I've noticed three words that've been surfacing in conversations with people who are discovering what it truly means to be a child of God.

1. Acceptance
Many believe they must be "perfect" in order to be a Christian (a follower of Christ). But the truth is this: Jesus said, "Come as you are, and I will make you whole." Only by coming to know Jesus as Savior can we receive the gift of salvation. The gift of being seen as one with Him. The gift of being seen as perfect, righteous, and whole before God. Jesus paid the full price so that His followers would be seen through His sacrifice.

A spirit of acceptance is brewing in Cape Town — not a spirit that enables people to remain in sin, but a spirit that draws people out of it. Only Jesus. People are being set free because of it. There's a divine peace that fills one's heart when he knows he's accepted and loved for who he is, no performance or prerequisite needed.

2. Authenticity
God's moving in such an organic and authentic way — at grassroots. People are finding their identities in who Christ has called them to be, and not in who the world says they are. Young adults are being set free to be themselves and are feeling accepted enough to ask the real questions of their hearts.

God is OK with questions. He is OK with doubts. Taking questions and doubts to God actually builds and strengthens our relationships with Him. It brings peace and clarity to our weary hearts. God desires real people to have real relationships with Him. Masks are coming off, and the faces behind the masks are so beautiful — exceedingly more beautiful than the counterfeit.

3. Grace
The truth that God sees us through Jesus's work on the cross is the most freeing truth in the world. We're not controlled by our sin. We're set free from sin and death and have been given eternal life. Of course, we sin... but we are not our sin. Our sin doesn't define who we are.

God's moving in a powerful way in Cape Town by calling people out of sin and into righteousness. Lives are changing, perspectives are shifting, and God is reigning. By His grace, we are free, indeed!

God is here. He's relevant today. He's willing, and He's able. He's persistently patient, and He never leaves. He's always pursuing, and He loves like nothing else. Heaven is here, and it's only the beginning. Being a follower of Jesus will bring you peace, not heavy-laden burden. Being a follower of Jesus will set you free. Being a follower of Jesus will change who you are. I know, because it changed me.