Photo Blog: Team SEU

A missions team of seven college students from Southeastern University (Lakeland, Florida) joined us in Cape Town for 12 days this month. Brianna, Joe, Jet, Kathleen, Bryce, Ben, and Easton (pictured left to right) served their socks off while they were here! The team was a huge help to both Yebo Life and our ministry partners.

They landed on a Tuesday morning (without their luggage, which went missing somewhere between London and Cape Town), then we headed straight to Lavender Hill to serve with Edwin and Angie of Lavender Hill's Restorational Hands. Check out the photos of the team posing with Edwin and his children, dishing soup to locals, and playing soccer in the streets.

The following morning, they went back to Lavender Hill to work with Pastor Gerald and Colleen at Brightly Beams, a local preschool. They performed skits, told stories, and did crafts with 75 children.

We love the photo below of Lavender Hill. The team's leader, Ben, captured it while standing in the preschool's parking lot. After serving at Brightly Beams, the team headed over to Westlake Primary to speak with 60 youth, ages 12 to 15. They played some games, then Easton and Kathleen shared their testimonies with the group. Future Talk is a ministry that was started by Ronald, a Cape Town local, that aims to disciple school kids by spending time with them every week.

On Wednesday evening, Tony took the team to a rad outdoor braai and worship night hosted by Antioch Cape Town! They got to meet the rest of the Yebo Life team and some local young adults.

Photo Credit: Ben Carter

Photo Credit: Natasha Meister

Thursday morning was all about the surf! The team went for a paddle at Muizenberg Beach before helping out with Future Life, a soccer ministry started by David, a young man from Malawi. Ben shared with the players, ages 13 to 17, then everyone participated in the warmups, drills, and matches.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Navarrete

Photo Credit: Kathleen Navarrete

Friday and the weekend were jam-packed as well. I'm really surprised no one suffered from sleep deprivation or extreme exhaustion, Tony included!

After organizing the garage at Miracle Kidz, the team headed over to Rhodelle to setup for Saturday's Yebo Life gathering. Oh and Saturday was a huge success! Yebo Life hosted a lawn concert for 60 people (including volunteers and musicians) to benefit Lavender Hill's Restorational Hands.

We went to church in Lavender Hill on Sunday — a three-hour service! Yew! Pastor Edwin called upon several of the team members to share with the congregation. Brianna gave her testimony, and Ben led us in a worship song, with Jet on bass and Bryce on drums.

The following week looked basically the same as the week prior. The team finished up the cleanup project at Miracle Kidz, served the children of Brightly Beams, dished meals at the soup kitchen, spoke to youth in Westlake and Capricorn Park with Future Talk, and participated in Future Life's soccer ministry.

On Friday, Tony and the team spent the day in the city center. They explored Table Mountain and the V&A Waterfront before joining us for dinner at our home in Noordhoek. It was lovely sharing a meal with them, then hearing how God had moved in their lives throughout their time in Cape Town — over banana pudding and coffee, of course!

We spent the rest of the evening in worship. (And man, these guys can worship!) Load shedding started at 8 p.m., so we prayed, sang, and praised the Lord over candlelight for more than two hours. It was marvelous. The next morning, Tony drove the team to the airport, where they boarded a plane for home.

Below are some excerpts from the team's Instagram accounts. I love these! We look forward to crossing paths with these incredible people in the future. Until next time, Team SEU!

Today was our last day of ministry in Cape Town. (...) What I’ve learned through being here has changed my life. I will never forget the people, the ministries, and the lessons that I was taught.
— @_joelittle23
These kids have my heart! I can’t believe this was my last day with them, but I know they’re in good hands. They have definitely ministered to me, and I feel I’ve received more from them than they have from me. Brightly Beams will be greatly missed.
— @brycerivera75
In Lavender Hill, you won’t find a hopeless South African people. Instead, you’ll find neighbors and pastors who have built libraries in their backyards, soup kitchens in their front yards. You’ll find the meekest men giving of their lives to spread the Gospel. God is doing such a great work here, and we’re so blessed to be a small part of this town’s God-sized story.
— @thecreativeexchange
Helping out at this safe house was one of the most humbling experiences. Just being able to clean up, chop vegetables, and spend time with the kids was lekker.
— @katienavaa