Heaven: It's Closer than We Think

Imagine a land where people live fully alive. A land that's fertile — not just the soil, but the souls. Imagine a people who, through intimate relationship with the Father, ooze bits and bobs of heaven wherever they step foot.

I received a "word" from God last week. He's fertilizing the hearts of His people in Cape Town. He's raising up individuals who are rich in His Spirit. A nation of people who are free to be themselves — exactly who God has called them to be. Free from past sins. Free from condemnation. Free from death. Free to walk in their true identities as sons and daughters of God.

Jesus explained that all the supernatural things that happened through Him flowed directly from His intimate connection with His Father, and that same connection was what He came to give us through His death and resurrection.
— Danny Silk

I'm talking about people rising up to their namesakes! I'm talking about people who will change nations! Rising up to namesakes. Changing nations. Those are "words" that were prophesied over Yebo Life last year — prophesies that I've prayed into and meditated on since.

You may be saying, "Yes! I want to live there. I want to be in a land that oozes heaven. I want to walk like Jesus did." Or maybe you once would've said that, but now, you've given up on the notion all together. Or perhaps you're in complete disbelief. "That could never be me. Heaven could never be my home."

Well, I believe that God wants to give it to you... as your backyard! I may not know much. (You may know a lot more than me!) But I can tell you where I started with this whole "your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" deal.

// Heart to God
This is a part of Yebo Life's tagline, and I talk about it often! Jesus said that good trees will produce good fruit, and that bad trees will produce bad fruit (see Matthew 7:18-20). Jesus Himself had to draw from the Source in order to walk as He did on earth. He was dependent on an intimate relationship with the Father to manifest supernatural events in a natural world. Everything that flowed from Jesus's life was a direct result of his relationship with God. If anyone knows what it's like to live "all out" for God, it's Jesus. And He bore good fruit because He was watering the roots instead of focusing on the fruit.

// Connectivity with God
Stop, retreat for a minute (or two), and get centered on the Lord. Ask Him to remold your mind and rewire your heart. He is the Great Architect, and He wants to go to work on you. Where do you find connectivity with God? Go there. Get to that place. For me, it's the outdoors. For you, it may be through studying the Bible, introspection, serving, worship, or coffee with a dear friend. Regularly, I need to be in the forest or ocean. In those places are where I connect most with God. In those places, I'm refilled and re-centered. 

// Love Your Neighbor
Jesus was pretty clear about His desire for us to love one another (see 1 John 4:20, Luke 10:27, Matthew 22:36-40, John 13:35). Taking a true interest in the people around you and calling out "the Jesus" in them is a sure fire way to see the Kingdom come! God made man in His image, and the people of God carry His qualities. Perhaps your neighbor has a gift of empathy, of knowledge, of service, of hospitality, or of teaching. The list could go on and on. Your encouraging words of truth will be deeply impactful to the people God leads you to.

Now, I'm not saying this is "easy" by any means, but for the purpose of clarity and understanding, let's simply reverse engineer this thing.

As Danny Silk explained in Culture of Honor, the church's main responsibility should be to "share heaven with the world." Well, we can practically do that by loving the people around us, like Jesus did and taught. And we're "equipped" to love other people when we're connected to the Source of love. And we're connected to the Source of love when our hearts are set on relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

How can you practically connect with God and love a neighbor this week? We encourage you to commit to doing those things, and feel free to share your stories and testimonies with us!