A Sneak Peak of the Namesake E-Course

This is an excerpt from Lesson Four (Identity, Part II) of the Namesake E-Course, an eight-week Christian-based course written by Tony and me. It's a collective of helpful information, activities, quotes, and personal testimonies and was inspired by our own faith journeys. We wanted to give people an inside look at Namesake, along with an opportunity to sign up for the August 6th start date for only $20 using code YLBLOG at checkout — now thru August 5, 2015.

I think we can triangulate on the unmistakeable tugs of God’s voice because we know other things about His character and nature.
— Bob Goff, Love Does

Yebo Life started with a single retreat for women in Julie's hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Chelsey Owen, a friend of Julie's, shared at the event and facilitated a discussion called "Understanding Your Calling."

Chelsey prompted each woman to consider her God-given calling by presenting an idea based on the Bob Goff quote above. Julie found it fascinating. So much so that she later asked Chelsey if we could share the concept with Namesake participants. Allow us to walk you through it.

Take out a blank piece of paper and draw a large triangle in the center. In the middle of the triangle, write "My Calling." At one point, write "Spiritual Fruit." At another, put "Gifting and Skill." At the remaining one, put "Passions and Dreams." Along the base of the triangle, draw a few arrows pointing towards the bottom of the page. Below the arrows, write "Rooted in Christ." Now, draw a circle around everything on your paper. Draw an arrow pointing to the circle and write "Encompassed by God's Peace."

What Chelsey was saying was this: When discerning what your calling is, pay attention to the "unmistakeable tugs of God's voice because [you] know other things about His character and nature." Pay attention to fruit bearing (Galatians 5:22-23). Pay attention to how He's gifted you. Pay attention to the dreams and passions He's placed in your heart. Make sure that it's all rooted in Christ and that God, despite difficulty or hardship, is giving you peace. She was saying: Hey friends, this stuff is not random!

A hospitality gift combined with an ESFJ personality type combined with a desire to serve other people through hosting dinner parties combined with God's peace about the decision is not random.

Your unique design. This is what we want to encourage you to hone in on — what we want you to stop and take a look at.