Photo Blog: Children's Craft Ministry Launch

Yebo Life acts as a support ministry to several other ministries and organizations in Cape Town. (Check out all of our ministry partners here.) One of the organizations we work with is called Lavender Hill's Restoring Hands. It was started by locals Edwin and Angie Du Plooy, who run a soup kitchen out of their house.

A few years back, Edwin and Angie wanted to pack up and move their family to America, but God told them "no." Around that time, hungry children began knocking on Edwin and Angie's door and asking for food. With a desire to feed the kids and to give them a safe place to play (and without any financial assistance), the Du Plooys started the soup kitchen. Today, they feed 100-150 children and adults every Tuesday.

I remember one of the first times I went to the soup kitchen. Edwin pointed at some of the youngsters running around and said, "We started this for them. It's always been about the kids." Then he mentioned an idea he had to get some tables and chairs and to start doing a craft program.

Having worked at a preschool in Masiphumelele for seven months, Tony and I are all about arts and crafts! It's absolutely incredible what God can do through willing hearts, a handful of crayons, and some glue sticks.

So when we started hosting gatherings, the soup kitchen came quickly to mind. We gather, of course, to connect and build relationships, but we also gather for a cause — to fund a project for one of our ministry partners. All of the proceeds from Rhodelle: Concert on the Lawn were used to buy the tables, chairs, and storage bins for this craft ministry.

The night before the launch, our new children's ministry interns, Monz, Patti, and Heather — along with a dear friend, Michaela — prepped 30 lion crafts while the rest of us sorted and packaged winter clothing for the adults who'd be at the soup kitchen.

Honestly, we weren't sure how many kids would show up since this is a new initiative. But all of the chairs filled up, and all of the crafts were handed out. We even had to start giving blank pieces of white paper to children as they continued filing in. Lo and behold, there's an insane amount of creativity pumping through this community's youth!

For an hour and a half, the children colored and glued their little hearts out, and yellow pieces of paper lion mane were flying everywhere! Check out all of these sweet faces.

Once the children finished, we got asked so many times, "Can I take this home?!?!" And we were like, "Umm, YES!!!" Haha. It was such a great time. I especially love the photo of Tony and Saldeen below. The two met on a soccer field in Lavender Hill last August, and they've been huge buddies ever since.

After we got all of the tables and chairs packed away, the children and adults lined up, and soup was served. Natasha brought her guitar and serenaded the crowd as everyone enjoyed a hot meal.

It's been such a blessing to get to know the people of Lavender Hill. We're confident this is where God is calling us as an organization, so please join us in prayer that we respond with obedience and courage. 

If you would like to make a donation to Lavender Hill's Restoring Hands, please click the donate button below. Your contribution will be used to buy soup ingredients and/or craft supplies. If you prefer to EFT (ZAR), please see our donation page.


All of the photos in this blog were taken by Brent Hill of Knit Together Photography. That's Brent pictured above in the circle of kiddo faces!