Photo Blog: Brunch & Home Brewing Workshop

We hosted another gathering on June 27th! The Brunch & Home Brewing Workshop was a huge success, and thanks to the Man Upstairs, we were blessed with the most beautiful, sunny winter morning.

Yebo Life teamed up with Republic Coffee Co. at the home of Matt Raubauch and Nicole Cornell, and together, we raised money to provide shoes to 35 children in Philippi, an impoverished farming community in Cape Town. The distribution is taking place on August 19th, and we hope to put shoes on the feet of 200 children!

20 young adults gathered together for a late-morning feast and to learn how to brew the best coffee at home! It was a rocking fun time.

Tony shared a bit about Yebo Life's mission to empower people to 1) rise up to their namesakes and 2) have impact in their communities.

Then Julian Jordaan and Neil Gouws demonstrated these five ways to brew coffee at home:

1. Hario pour-over
2. Chemex
3. Bialetti
4. French press
5. AeroPress

Everyone, including the tea people, got to sample each brew! (The Chemex seemed to be an all-around favorite!)

In between demonstrations, we shared a homemade brunch, prepared by yours truly. Here's what was on the table:

» Seed loaf from Food Barn
» Homemade basil + cashew pesto
» Fresh rocket + avocado
» Shaved pecorino cheese
» Homemade cranberry + walnut granola
» Vanilla yoghurt
» Mango + papaya juice

This gathering was unbelievable — intimate, creative, and heartwarming. Thanks to all of you who were a part of it! We hope to see you at the next workshop happening on August 8th.

All of the photos in this blog were taken by Justine Jordaan and Fanus Spammer.