Rest Dear Soul

Tony and I are finally back in Cape Town, and after 16 weeks of church hopping, it was incredibly great to be back with our Antioch family on Sunday. Those people are radically joyful worshippers! Our pastor, Jason, spoke about what it means and looks like to operate with a spirit of rest, versus one of stress and anxiety.

He said something quite profound: “When you walk in the rest and peace of God, you can dictate the environment around you.”

You see, if we truly believe what Jesus said, then we must believe that there’s actually no reason to ever be anxious—no circumstance, no situation, no nothing. OK, I understand that’s easier said than done, but it’s still the truth… and it’s what’s available to us as believers.

In a moment of chaos, exhaustion, anger, frustration, fear, gossip, negativity, or whatever, we can actually choose to step into the rest and peace of God instead of responding to the stressful situation at hand. And as a result, we can alter the spiritual nature of our surroundings. By sitting and talking with Jesus on a regular basis, we can convert crazy to peace—in the workplace, at home, on the road, in relationships, and so on.

For many weeks, I’ve been saying to myself, “God, I’ll process this season in the States later. There’s no time right now! I’ve got to meet this person, and do this thing, and go here.” I was responding to busyness, when I could’ve been basking in the presence of Jesus.

Are you in a situation or environment that’s tempting you to respond to it in a negative way? If so, go get quiet with the Lord and choose to step into peace and rest. Like Jason said, “Rest is a Person, not a pillow. Rest is a relationship, not laziness.”