What's Happening with Yebo Life

Lately, Julie and I have been talking a lot about Yebo Life and defining exactly what it is we do. As an organization, our mission is to empower local leaders, who have been given a vision for ministry, to rise up to their namesakes and to have impact in their communities.

Operations Update

Once we arrived back in Cape Town, we further realized the five components we feel called to provide those local leaders, also referred to as our “ministry partners.” Depending upon each ministry’s needs and goals, Yebo Life provides one or more of the following:

  1. Local and global volunteers 
  2. Weekly operations support
  3. Organizational development
  4. Project assistance
  5. Global church partnership

So far, we’ve been able to provide #1-4 to many of our partners, whereas #5 is more of a long-term goal—a future hope!

You may be wondering, “How does Yebo Life decide who to partner with?” We currently work with six ministries in Cape Town (and have a few more partnerships on the horizon), and quite honestly, God led us to all of them. Still, we recognize that there are common threads running through all of us, and so, we’re busy defining the characteristics of our ministry connections and ministry partners.

Oh whoa, wait. What? Ministry connections and ministry partners?

That’s right! Ministry connections and ministry partners. There is a difference!

Ministry connections are organizations that Yebo Life works with solely through volunteers. These guys are doing awesome work in their communities, and we provide them volunteers, like short-term missions teams or locals who are equipped to help out with a certain project, when possible.

Ministry partners are like ministry connections in that we provide them volunteers, but they also: 1) are located specifically in the Cape Flats area, and 2) align with Yebo Life in purpose and vision. For instance, Yebo Life and all of its ministry partners want to see hope for the future and restoration through Jesus winning out in Lavender Hill and Capricorn Park, two communities within the Cape Flats.

Yebo Life feels called to focus its efforts in the Cape Flats, so that’s where we’re providing the remaining four ministry components: weekly operations support, organizational development, project assistance, and prayerfully/hopefully/eventually, global church partnership.

Budget Update

As of 2016, donations are made to Yebo Life the organization, not to Tony and Julie the missionaries. That means that all donations are sent to Yebo Life's bank account (via Senai Global) then used to pay for Yebo Life's operating expenses. We are also using a third party accounting firm to administer payroll.

Yebo Life's budget is $3,000 per month, which includes salaries for South African team members*, office space, phone, wifi, petrol, and administrative supplies. Currently, we have $1,350 in monthly pledges. If you would like to join Yebo Life's team of supporters, please click here. Your donation is tax-deductible and can be setup as a monthly recurring donation or as a one-time gift. 

To all of our supporters, past, present, and future: Thank you! Each of you has played a vital role in the startup of this grassroots ministry… and we are beyond grateful.

*Paid team members include: Tony Barwick (FT), Richard Harris (PT), Monique Coetzee (PT), and Fanus Spammer (PT). Our American team members either fundraise for their personal salaries or earn a salary from freelance or contract employment.