How We Empower Local Leaders, Part II

It's official! Yebo Life’s first payroll ever gets cut this month!!! This is a huge celebration for us, as paying our South African staff is something we’ve felt called to do for a long time. We want to thank all of our donors for not only being a supporter of Tony and me, but also for “transferring” your support to our entire Yebo Life team and for making this dream a reality.

Hey friends! How are y’all doing this Monday morning? I hope you're feeling well, because God is good! :) If you didn't catch Part I of this blog, you can check it out here

Like I said last week, I'm here to share about weekly operations support—the second ministry component we provide to our Ministry Partners. (This is where two of our awesome-opossum team members are really rocking it!) Here’s what weekly operations support looks like:

1. Weekly ministry support
2. Curriculum development
3. Healing arts, prayer, and service teams

Weekly Ministry Support

This is probably one of the most important aspects of our ministry! It’s the bulk of what you see on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Here's the thing: We don’t want to be “fly by night” volunteers—only showing up to ministry when it’s convenient or when we feel like it. Our Ministry Partners need consistent, long-term support, and we want to help fill those gaps. We also want to have relationships with the communities, kids, and youth our Partners are reaching. We don’t want to be strange, unfamiliar faces in the crowd. If our Ministry Partners are doing it, we want to be doing it too. So at least one of our team members is committed to serving alongside each of our Ministry Partners every single week.

Curriculum Development

This is a fairly new venture for Yebo Life. We work with a handful of ministries that reach children and youth, and we’ve realized a need for strategic lesson planning. Currently, our team is working with two of our Ministry Partners to develop curriculum for Future Talk Westlake, Future Talk Capricorn Park, and the Craft Ministry. Curriculum will include Bible lessons, crafts, ice breakers, games, guest speakers, life skills or biblically-based topics, and/or small group discussions.

Healing Arts, Prayer, and Service Teams

If curriculum development is a fairly new venture for us, the healing arts, prayer, and service teams are new new! Well, at least they are on paper. During our 2016 goals meeting, we had an epiphany. Healing arts, prayer, and service are the specific ways we feel called to support our Ministry Partners. They’re the things that our team seems to be especially passionate about and gifted in. So, we’re currently asking these questions: 

  1. Would any of these three things add value and be relevant to what our Ministry Partners have set out to do?
  2. If so, how can we incorporate healing arts, prayer, and/or service into our Ministry Partners outreaches?

Currently, Richard Harris serves as Yebo Life’s point person for Future Talk Westlake, Future Talk Capricorn Park, Future Stars, and the Soup Kitchen. Monique Coetzee is Yebo Life’s point person for Brightly Beams Educare and the Craft Ministry. Once Melanie Heath arrives in Cape Town, she’ll be able to provide additional support to our Ministry Partners by tag-teaming with both Rich and Monz.

Next week, I’ll be sharing about our third ministry component: organizational and skills development. In the meantime, please send any questions you have about Yebo Life to

If you’d like to get involved with us financially, please click here. We now have $1,750 in monthly support and are still in need of $1,250 in pledges to meet our $3,000 per month goal! (One-time donations are awesome too, as we can amortize an annual donation amount over the year!) All donations are tax-deductible, and Yebo Life receives 100% of the funds to pay for team salaries and other operating costs.