How We Empower Local Leaders, Part III

Happy Human Rights Day, South Africa! Tony and I didn't take off work for the holiday because we had an organizational development meeting with one of our Ministry Partners this morning, which is kind of ironic, because that's exactly what I'm going to tell you more about in this post. Let's get to it!

Yebo Life's third ministry component is organizational and skills development. Here's what that looks like:

1. Organizational Development Program
2. Skills Development Training
3. Ministry Portfolio Creation

Organizational Development Program

Organizational development is my realm of expertise. When it comes to Yebo Life, this is where I find myself investing a lot of time and effort. I'm not the encouraging leader, like Tony, or the children's ministry guru, like Monique, but somehow, I have a decent grasp on organizational structure, development, and planning. So, earlier this year, I wrote a 3-phase Organizational Development Program for Yebo Life. In a nutshell, Phase 1 focuses on defining a Ministry Partner's vision, mission, model, goals, and action plan. Phase 2 entails helping the Partner submit a successful NPO application. And Phase 3 is all about branding—logo, website, brochure, fact sheet, and business cards. We want to see our Ministry Partners FLY, and so, our goal here is to help them build an effective "launching pad." We're certain they'll go places that we'll never be able to.

Skills Development Training

Skills development training is something we're currently investigating. What does it look like? How can we make it happen? In a few words, we want to provide a means to quality training for our Ministry Partners. We want to provide them an opportunity to develop in areas, like leadership, project management, finance, marketing, administration, and so on. I may be speaking too soon, but if I had to guess, Yebo Life will not directly provide the training. Instead, we're seeking partnership with colleges, learning centers, and church groups that are interested in sowing into our Ministry Partners through classroom education and skills development workshops.

Ministry Portfolio Creation

Ministry Portfolios are something we want to develop for each of our Ministry Partners involved with our project assistance (#4) and global church partnership (#5) components. Think of this as Phase 1 of our Organizational Development Program on steroids. Ministry Portfolios will seek to effectively and creatively communicate a Ministry Partner's work through words, stories, and visuals for the purpose of raising awareness and support about 1. what's really happening in these communities and 2. how God is using "men/women of peace" to tackle the issues.

Tony and I are currently the point people for the organizational and skills development aspect of our ministry. It's a very new and exciting venture for us, and we're confident that God is really going to use this ministry component to tangibly equip and empower local leaders in the Cape Flats. It's full of purpose, practicality, and impact... and I love that.

Next week, I'll share about our 4th ministry component: project assistance. It'll be the last post in this blog series, as to date, we don't have much "meat" to share about global church partnership (#5). In the meantime, please send any questions you have about Yebo Life to

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