Traveling is something I love. It's something I believe in. And fortunately, I've been blessed to get to do a lot of it.

I'm not talking about me air-bussing back and forth between America and South Africa. That's traveling for the purpose of getting a job done, catching up with family, and visiting with friends. (All very much a priority in my life.) But in this instance, I'm talking about embarking on a journey into unknown spaces, with the intention of being changed—of having one's mindset challenged and, hopefully, transformed.

I'm talking about something deep down. Something that's hard to put words to. Something that must simply be experienced.

I often tell Americans who inquire about traveling to South Africa, "I promise, it's not as bad as the media makes it out to be." ("It" being the world, not Africa.) In fact, the world has so much to offer outside the confining little bubbles we can build up around ourselves.

Even after I'd traveled to 26 countries and moved to South Africa, I struggled to get outside of my comfort zone. In fact, I still do! I am, after all, a creature of habit. But the more and more I step out, travel, journey, venture, explore, the more I grow. (Although it doesn't always feel like growth. Sometimes, it feels like an upside down rollercoaster that goes backwards, forwards, and sideways.)

Perhaps one of my most cherished lessons learned from experiencing other cultures is that I don't have to be afraid of people who are different from me. I don't have to be afraid, and I don't have to be exclusive either. I can embrace, observe, value, and learn. I can even laugh and love and become friends. I can be a light and share the Good News with the world, and I can be transformed by the Holy Spirit as I'm doing it.

That's the beauty of buying a plane ticket, a bus ticket, or a tank of petrol... and simply going. (Just don't forget an open heart, a humble mind, and a journal!)

That being said, Yebo Life has some exciting news to share next week regarding an opportunity—you guessed it—to travel. We hope you'll be on the lookout for the message! In the meantime, we'll be gathering up all of the little, exciting details!