About Future Life

Ronald Abels is one of Yebo Life’s ministry partners. He’s been doing incredible work in his home community (Lavender Hill) and its surrounds, and today, I wanted to share a bit about his organization, Future Life (previously referred to as "The Future Brand"), on our blog!

Ronald co-started Future Life with David Chirwa in 2013, and since then, it’s become a multi-program ministry that reaches 240+ children, youth, and young adults in Lavender Hill, Capricorn Park, and Westlake. Ronald’s vision is to restore hope, change mindsets, and help others reimagine their futures by providing the following things to individuals in the Cape Flats (an area in Cape Town made up of several predominantly coloured communities):

• Education
• Christian discipleship
• Skills development
• Networking opportunities

According to Ronald, the majority of people (of all ages) in the Cape Flats no longer have dreams or think about their futures. “They are hopeless and futureless,” explains Ronald. So, with a local leader at the helm, Future Life's 22 volunteers are rising up and responding to the issue through the organization's five ministry programs: 

1. Future Talk: discipleship of grade 7 students
2. Future Hope: a small group for young adults
3. Future Stars: soccer with a purpose (under 18, under 16, and junior)
4. Cross Life: a safe space for youth to hang out
5. Sisterhood: discipleship & art for girls

Like I mentioned, Future Life is impacting the lives of 240+ children, youth, and young adults every single year—meaning that, God-willing, Future Life will take another couple hundred (or more) under its wing next year and the next! As a result of these five programs, people in the Cape Flats are being transformed. They are giving their lives to Jesus, praying for one another, maturing and developing, growing in confidence, getting jobs, and having their purity and dignity restored to them as they come to understand their value and worth.

All of this is due to a couple of guys (an ex-gangster and a jobless Malawian, as Ronald refers to himself and David) saying, “Here I am, God. Send me.” Local leaders are taking responsibility for their communities and paving the way for other people to get involved, and I love that. “From the community, to the community,” as Ronald famously says.

I hope you’ll join me in taking a lesson from Ronald today by saying “yes” to whatever and whoever God is calling you to. If there’s anything I’ve learned from our ministry partners, it’s this: just start somewhere. I think we often wait until we have the perfect answer, the perfect plan, the perfect finances, or the perfect circumstance before we get moving. The only problem with perfection, however, is that you’ll be waiting on it until the day you die.

It’s now or never, friends. Let’s go for it!

The ways Yebo Life is currently involved with Future Life: volunteers, weekly operations support, organizational development, and project assistance.