My Missions Trip to Cape Town

It was my junior year attending Southeastern University, and I was given the opportunity to lead a missions trip anywhere in the world. Having traveled to Cape Town before, the city had won my heart for good, and I had to return. (A missions trip to South Africa will always be a no-brainer for my friends and I here in Lakeland, Florida!)

After eight months of planning and communicating back and forth with Tony and the Yebo Life team, I gathered a group of seven faithful team members. We were prepped and excited for the adventure put before us.

Most of my team had never been on a missions trip before, and a couple of them had never even been out of the country! I was excited that they'd decided to go to Cape Town with me. I knew the journey would A) get them out of their comfort zones and B) prevent the kind of drastic culture shock that can come along with traveling to other parts of Africa.

We landed in Cape Town in May 2015 and had two weeks to make the city our home. By the end of our first day in Muizenberg (where we stayed), our team had fallen in love.

We spent time at a soup kitchen in Lavender Hill—one not run out of a government facility, but out of a family's carport. The father and mother faithfully feed their neighborhood, and people from all over flock to receive food and be encouraged.

In that same community, we met a man who made a library in his house for local children so that they can study and learn to read. We encountered the soup kitchen and the library on day one of our trip, and we were blown away by the amount of compassion we saw in the hearts of the leaders.

Throughout our two weeks in Cape Town, we visited different schools, joined in on a youth soccer practice, cleaned out a garage for a local safe house, and played live music at a fundraiser hosted by Yebo Life. It was clear that everywhere we looked, there was a common thread: compassion.

Yebo Life is spreading the love and joy of Christ (or in Tony's words, "spreading the stoke") in Cape Town, and we were excited to get the opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves!

We had days to sabbath and rest, and we spent them surfing and visiting great tourists spots. Still, nothing beat being out in the communities—seeing the smiles on children's faces at Miracle Kidz and praying with the faith-filled people of Lavender Hill. I really hope to return to Cape Town within the next year! I hope you enjoy these photos—a few I took during my trip with Yebo Life.