Meet Our Team

Just in case you aren't familiar with our Yebo Life team, here's a post about each of our team members—where they hail from and what roles they play within the organization. Enjoy!


from Cape Town, South Africa

Role: Leadership
Joined: January 2014

If you've ever met Tony you know he's a people's person! He lives, breathes, and eats relationship—and surfing. Shall we not fail to mention surfing! Since the beginning, he's advocated for building Yebo Life on a strong foundation of relationship, and we attribute much of our successes to this. Tony manages a vast network of contacts for Yebo Life, pours into our team on a regular basis, and makes intuitive decisions for the organization. Tony in three words: stoked, networker, and exhorter.


from Knoxville, Tennessee

Role: Marketing & Development
Joined: January 2014

Before going on the mission field in 2013, Julie studied public relations then worked for five years in sales and marketing. She's all about strategy and clear communication and acts as the driving force for Yebo Life's development. Our ability to "tell people what we do in one sentence" is hugely due to her influence. Julie is the creator of our systems and structures, works with our partners to further develop their ministries, and oversees our marketing efforts. Julie in three words: creative, driven, and steadfast.


from Johannesburg, South Africa

Role: Visual Communication
Joined: November 2014

We used to think of Fanus as our bookkeeper—mostly because he was studying to be an accountant! Only later did we discover that he wasn't very passionate about accounting, so we started talking about what it would look like to marry his God-given passions and gifting with ministry. Today, Fanus serves with many of our ministry partners, manages our social media, and acts as our staff photographer. He also takes the lead on most of our hands-on projects. Fanus in 3 words: servant, loyal, and a wee bit mysterious.


from Johannesburg, South Africa

Role: Early Childhood Development
Joined: June 2015

Monique contacted us in 2015 about the possibility of getting involved with Yebo Life. She teared up over coffee because her passions and Yebo Life's mission were in such alignment. Talk about a God-ordained meeting! We consider Monique a guru when it comes to children and education. She's even studying educational psychology—way cool. Naturally, she serves every week with Brightly Beams Educare and the Craft Ministry. Oh and she's becoming a full-time staff member in July! Monique in 3 words: eccentric, outgoing, and productive.


from Durban, South Africa

Role: Ministry Support
Joined: February 2015

Richard runs his own music and sound business, and although he stays quite busy with shows and gigs, he has a huge heart to see God's Kingdom reign on earth. Tony and Julie ran into Richard at one of his shows on Valentine's Day 2015, and as they talked about Yebo Life, Richard expressed interest in getting involved. He's now a part of Future Talk's (a Future Life program) core team and serves every week at the Soup Kitchen. Richard in 3 words: intercessor, mellow, and compassionate. 


from Casper, Wyoming

Role: Healing Arts
Joined: June 2015

Melanie arrives in Cape Town in 17 days! She began her journey with Yebo Life a year ago, and since, she's been fundraising to move to South Africa and serve with us full-time. While at a discipleship school in Guatemala, Melanie developed an art therapy program for children. We love how aware she is of her God-given calling and are excited to see what the healing arts will look like in the context of Yebo Life. She'll begin by serving with our team at Brightly Beams Educare, at the Craft Ministry, and with the Future Brand. Melanie in 3 words: enthusiastic, artistic, and fun.


from Montrose, Colorado

Role: Prayer & Evangelism
Joined: January 2016

Ross plans on arriving in Cape Town between September and November 2016. He and his wife Catherine actually met in Malawi, and ever since, have felt called to Africa. Ross is a natural-born leader and, like Tony, is a relational enthusiast! We have high hopes for him to blaze new trails for Yebo Life in regard to prayer and evangelism. He's one of those guys who will motivate others to step outside their comfort zones and to believe for powerful moves of the Spirit. That being said, he'll play a big role in short-term missions trips. Ross in 3 words: positive, relational, and easy-going.


from Knoxville, Tennessee

Role: Events & Donor Relations
Joined: January 2016

Like Ross, Catherine also plans on joining us in Cape Town sometime between September and November 2016. Catherine is a critical thinker with a lot of experience on the mission field, and we're looking forward to having her on board as someone who can ask good, hard questions about the direction of our ministry. Specifically, she'll take on the roles of event planning (gatherings, fundraisers, retreats, workshops, trips) and donor relations, and she'll also play a part in missions team training. Catherine in 3 words: purpose-driven, dependable, and reverent.