A Week in the Work Life

People often ask us, "What does a typical workweek look like for your team?" And in the business of planting of growing a grassroots organization, that can be a difficult question to answer. Honestly, one week can look drastically different from the next, so I've commissioned each of our team members to record what "one workweek" looks like for each of them. 

I'll be featuring one team member per month on our blog, and as the spearhead of this deal, I reckon I shall be the first to present my average workweek to the world! So, here we go! This is what a week on the job may look like for me...


9:00 / post blog on website

10:00 / write job descriptions, work contracts, and volunteer agreements

1:00 / cultural and ministry briefing with new American team member

5:00 / Skype logo designers about branding

6:00 / write agenda for team meeting


9:00 / team meeting

1:00 / visit Christian Assemblies Church (ministry partner)

2:00 / serve with Restoring Hands (ministry partner)

4:00 / check out potential new ministry partner


9:00 / individual meeting with Fanus

10:30 / organizational development meeting with ministry partner

4:00 / Skype U.S. employer

6:00 / complete development work for ministry partner


9:00 / individual meeting with Richard

10:00 / individual meeting with Monique

11:00 / individual meeting with Melanie

1:00 / organizational development meeting with ministry partner

6:00 / Skype new American team members

7:30 / attend conference at Christian Assemblies Church (ministry partner)


9:00 / write remaining job descriptions

11:00 / missions team meeting with ministry partner

1:00 / pick up Owen from school and go to soccer practice

3:00 / complete missions team training program

5:00 / write and post blogs through August


Saturday / attend youth concert at Christian Assemblies Church (ministry partner)

Sunday / attend social for Future Life (ministry partner)

So there you have it, folks—a week in the work life of me, Julie. :)

We feel so blessed by all of our financial supporters, the people who enable us to do the kind of work that we do. As we go along, I hope this blog series will provide you more insight about our efforts in Cape Town! If you're a part of our support team, please know that your generosity is impacting our team, many local leaders, and the people/communities we serve.

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