My Missions Trip to Cape Town

I’ve been back in the States for a little over a week, and I’m already missing Cape Town quite a lot. This was my 4th trip to the Motherland (my 3rd to Cape Town), and it's safe to say that the place has my heart.

This was easily the best trip I’ve ever been on. Everything was perfect—from ministry to the team itself. It was the first time I’d been on a missions trip when nothing negative was said about the trip or between teammates.

God definitely moved during our entire stay in Cape Town.

First, I would like to say that working alongside Tony and Julie (even though Julie was in the U.S. this time around) has been an extreme pleasure. They've both furthered my relationship with God immensely.

Next, I want to address something that I think is a big problem for us millennials when it comes to our relationships with Jesus.

I think it's safe to say that we are a feeling generation. What I mean is that we often need to feel something in order to believe that it's true. This is something that I've struggled with my entire life—something that's even caused me to question the existence of God.

The real turning point for me was a conversation I had with Tony on the way to the airport.

I think we try too hard to hear the audible voice of God. I've always expected to hear some sort of booming command when I've approached God with a question. And because of this expectation, I really struggled in my walk as a Christian.

During this missions trip, we had morning devotional times. We'd take turns giving prophetic words to our teammates—something I was always nervous about doing. Previously, I'd try to conjure up a word of encouragement in my own power... and always failed.

This time around, I asked God to show me what He saw in the people on my team, and every morning, I received a word or a picture for each person. This really opened my eyes to how simple it is to hear from God.

You see, we tend to overcomplicate Jesus.

He wants to be close to us—as bad as we want to be close to Him. Since that conversation I had with Tony, my relationship with Jesus has seemed much clearer.

Prior to leaving for Cape Town, I'd really been struggling with anxiety—pretty badly. I even reached a point when I didn’t feel like I was in my own body anymore. Of course, that feeling made my anxiety even worse.

Jesus doesn’t want me to feel that way. He has a different will for my life... and I'm finally open to agreeing with Him.

As Christians, we must realize that we don’t have to ask God to come and fill us. We are already filled with the Holy Spirit. He is already and always with us—whether we recognize His presence or not.

This missions trip was life-changing... in the best way possible. Jesus is good. He is a graceful God. I’ve experienced His grace firsthand, and I hope you will too.