5 Things I'll Miss about You, America

I head back to Cape Town on Tuesday after five quick weeks in the States, and as time in my home country draws to a close, I'm inevitably pondering the things I'll miss about the good ole U.S. of A. (Or as our nephew told our South African friends at our wedding, "It's called The United States of America." I don't think he'll ever live that down.)

Here are five things I've really enjoyed having access to this summer:

1. American outlets

The majority of my electronics were purchased in America, so if I need to charge something on the go in Cape Town, I must remember to bring a converter with me. (And my laptop charger seriously struggles to stay plugged into a converter—poor thing.) It may seem strange or unimportant, but every time I plugged my computer into the wall in Tennessee, I found myself sending up thoughts of gratitude.

2. Time with my sisters

It's been awesome getting to spend so much time with Leslie and Kellie this trip! We had some really rad days on the lake and on the back porch. (Southern summertime FTW.) Les and I made some hella-good smoothies, and Kel showed off her impressive boat-pulling skills a few times. I'm just really proud of the women those two have become. I'm glad we're sisters.

3. Iced coffee

Dear South Africa, iced coffee is not the same thing as frozen coffee. Can't a girl just get some cold java with ice cubes? In America I can! All jokes aside, I had the funniest experience at Truth Coffee in Woodstock (Cape Town's hipster hub). It was the first time I'd ordered an ice coffee in South Africa, and the barista said, "We just put coffee over ice." We proceeded to go back and forth. "Yes...?" I nodded, confused. She said it again. "Here, we just put coffee over ice." I did my confused nod again. Only later did I realize that South Africa's version of an iced coffee is... well, basically a milkshake. 

4. Thrive Market

I've really loved having access to this online health store! I'm able to buy dry goods, like spirulina and hemp powder for up to half-off... and the best part? The box of goodies shows up on my door step within a few days with a free gift inside! Thrive helped me eat healthily despite my super busy American schedule. Can I get a hallelujah-amen?

5. Reliable information, convenience, and efficiency

For instance, I was picking up a few things at Target this morning and couldn't find one item I was looking for. I pulled out my iPhone, Googled "cheesecloth Target," and Target's website told me: 1. this item is in stock at the store you're currently in and 2. it's located in aisle B43... and the information was accurate. Now, that's flipping incredible.

That's all for my list! :)

Tony and I will likely be back in America in November or December—me for Pure Luxe work and him for Yebo Life work. We'd love to connect with our friends and supporters, so put us on your social map if possible! (No pressure, though. We completely understand that the holiday season is a very busy time.)

Last thing: I'll be flying from Tuesday evening to Thursday morning and would really appreciate your spiritual covering and prayers for safe travels! Thank you, friends. Love to you all.