Photo Blog: Sisterhood

One of the newest ministries we're working with is called Sisterhood. It's actually a part of Future Life (one of our ministry partners) and was started by one of Future Life's team members, Sydney Priester of Alpharetta, Georgia.

Vision for the program was given to Future Life's co-founder, Ronald Abels, who has two young daughters that live with him in Capricorn Park. I remember Ronald saying a year or so ago that he wanted to start a girls' group so that his daughters and their friends could have a safe, wholesome place to hang out.

Ronald is a visionary and a fire starter, so I'm not at all surprised by how quickly Sisterhood got started... and since it's inception, it's completely taken off! Today, Sydney and her team of female leaders are running three Sisterhood meetings per week in Capricorn. On Monday, Tuesday, and Friday afternoons, young girls from the community gather together (by age groups) to do art and hear about the Gospel.

It's a creative, inspiring, and uplifting place. The girls get to paint and draw and glue and color and create while being coached and discipled by women of God. Melanie Heath of Yebo Life is serving three days per week with Sisterhood, and so, Fanus Spammer went to take a few photos of a party that Sydney and her team through for the girls a few weeks ago in celebration of their new container (commonly used as office space in South Africa).

When Fanus showed me the photos of the party, I was shocked... in the best way possible! I'd only visited Sisterhood once before, and what had culminated over the few weeks between my visit and Fanus's visit was incredible. I'm stoked to get to share these photos with all of you!

If you'd like to learn more about Sisterhood, I encourage you to watch this video and contact Sydney if you would like to support her and her ministry!