About Restoring Hands

There are some exciting things happening with Restoring Hands, and I wanted to share a bit about this budding ministry with all of you on our blog today!

As many of you know, Restoring Hands was started by Edwin and Angie Du Plooy of Lavender Hill about six years ago, though it didn't have an official name back then. (Side note: I love that Edwin and Angie didn't feel the need to come up with a name and create a five-year ministry plan before they started doing God's work in their community. They just started. And that's one reason why those two humans are beacons of humility in my life.)

Anyway, so back in 2010, Edwin and Angie saved up the equivalent of $10 to start a soup kitchen. Hungry children were constantly coming to their door and asking for food, and the Du Plooys felt like God told them to start feeding the community—out of their own home.

So they did... and they've been faithfully doing it ever since.

Today, Restoring Hands is a growing ministry with a mission to bring restoration to families and to raise up a generation of people in South Africa who believe in God, in their communities, in themselves, and in their futures. Most of the volunteers who've joined us at the Soup Kitchen have fallen in love with the place. There's just something special that happens in there, and so it's no surprise that it eventually gave way to these other ministry programs:

1. Craft Ministry: a weekly craft and Bible teaching time for children
2. School Project: a program that provides uniforms, shoes, and books to schoolchildren
3. Let's Fix It: a family restoration project that rebuilds homes for families in need

Edwin and Angie have vision for even more programs, and they've also started working in Cafda, a community that neighbors Lavender Hill. We take our hats off to this couple! Yebo Life is absolutely honored to get to partner with this man and woman of God, and we look forward to all that God has in store for the future of Restoring Hands, Lavender Hill, and Cafda.

A final word: Edwin and Tony recently submitted an NPO application for Restoring Hands. Please join us in prayer that the application process is a seamless success! Receiving NPO status will undoubtedly open doors for Edwin and Angie to continue serving the Cape Flats, and we all believe that it's the next step that God is calling them to take!

The ways Yebo Life is currently involved with Restoring Hands: volunteers, weekly ministry support, organizational development, and project assistance.