Our Relationship with Restoring Hands

 Edwin teaching a Bible lesson at the Sunday school in Cafda.

Edwin teaching a Bible lesson at the Sunday school in Cafda.

We’ve known Pastor Edwin and his wife Angie Du Plooy for over two years now and have steadily grown in our relationship with them.

This husband and wife power couple started a soup kitchen in Lavender Hill, Cape Town six years ago with a small amount of money and a large amount of faith. That soup kitchen has since grown into a registered nonprofit, known as Restoring Hands, one of our ministry partners.

Restoring Hands now consists of a soup kitchen and craft ministry—a weekly meal for anyone in need and a craft and Bible teaching session for children. They lead a school project on an annual basis that provides uniforms, shoes, books, and writing utensils to local schoolchildren. Let’s Fix It is a family restoration project run by Restoring Hands that rebuilds homes for local families in need, and the newest initiative is a Sunday school in Cafda, a community neighboring Lavender Hill.

Apart from the rapid grown of this ministry and the increased impact its had in the community, the thing that's surprised us the most (and has given us so much joy) is the growth of relationship between our team and Edwin and Angie.

With open arms, they have, week after week, invited us into their home and loved each of us as a part of their family. We’ve prayed together, shared countless meals together, gone to church together, laughed and cried together. Tony and Julie were even announced as the godparents of their first grandchild!

Our cultures and backgrounds could not be more different from each other’s, yet Edwin and Angie have become some of our closest friends—what a testimony of God’s grace and goodness!

These two are the most loving and accepting, hardworking, and humble individuals—always putting God first and never wavering in faith. It’s an honour for us to partner with and work alongside them as God leads Restoring Hands to impact and restore Lavender Hill, Cafda, and beyond.