Kingdom Victory for Revelation Ministries

Ivan and Bronwyn Jones at the Revelation Ministries base in Lavender Hill.

This month we get to celebrate alongside one of our beloved ministry partners as they see God move in miraculous ways and share what's been happening on the field.

Springing up out of Isaiah 61, Revelation Ministries was birthed to “proclaim good news to the poor," to “bind up the brokenhearted," and to “proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners” in the Lavender Hill community.

As an ex-gangster himself, Co-Founder Ivan Jones knew firsthand the issues and struggles that the people of Lavender Hill were met with day in and day out. He knew of the poverty, the drug addictions, and the broken homes that were “normal” for community members. He also knew there was more them; that Jesus had more for them!

Following the word that God had given them, Ivan and his wife, Bronwyn, procured an open piece of forgotten land behind Lavender Hill High School. On that plot, they built and established what is now the base of Revelation Ministries and where their home church now meets. Ivan and Bronwyn proceeded to take ground (literally and spiritually) in the area—changing dumping grounds into beautiful landscapes, claiming back land that was previously an eyesore, as well as starting an after school children’s ministry called Rise Up where children could come play in a safe environment, get a warm meal, and be poured into by loving adults, all of which are unfortunately not a normal part of most of the children’s lives.

As God began to grow the seed He had placed in the Jones' hearts, they saw the eight children at Rise Up turn into 150. They saw more and more trash dumping sites become symbols of hope within the greater community, and they saw the spirit of hopelessness diminish! 

God is however not done yet! 

Recently, the Jones were told the incredible news that the school where they are based has been given a R21 million grant to build a world-class sports fields on the remaining parts of the previously forgotten land. The forgotten land that no one saw potential in will now become a landmark of hope for the people of Lavender Hill, because Ivan and Bronwyn were obedient to the word and vision of God!

The Revelation Ministries base will certainly benefit from the project. Artificial grass fields will replace the current dirt and sand filled fields, and security will be improved with a new fence that'll surround the property. Ivan and Bronwyn believe this is just a stepping stone for what God has planned for the community of Lavender Hill and their ministry.

This week, they launched an after-school education program called Making Academics Bearable (MAB), where children that are struggling in various areas of their academic development can get one-on-one assistance from qualified tutors. The vision is to give every child an equal chance at education, no matter what their situation at home may be, and to instill in them a hope for a greater future.

We are incredibly blessed to be able to partner with leaders and ministries like Revelation Ministries on a daily basis and to see the real life fruit they are seeing. If like us, these stories tug at your heart strings, we encourage you to pray about partnering with us and them as prayer and financial partners. Please send any questions or comments to