The Barwicks Take on America

The Barwick family when Bear was a wee 2.5 weeks old! What a babe! 

Yes, the Barwicks are moving to America! It's not a decision that was made lightly, and in this post, Tony shares about how it came to pass and what the family of 3 will be doing in the States. Please keep them in your prayers, as they say "see you later" to their beloved first home and to many close friends and family members in Cape Town.

For more than 6 years, I’ve been living true to my life's motto: “Heart to God. Spread the Stoke.” From meeting Julie and getting married, to starting Yebo Life and growing our ministry in Cape Town, it’s been a journey of deep relationship with God. And as a result of that relationship, we’ve seen incredible fruit come forth from our lives.

Like the two aforementioned seasons (marriage and starting Yebo Life), we’re super excited about what's to come, or shall I say super stoked!

YES, we are moving to the United States!

YES, Yebo Life and Safe Haven will continue to run and grow in the very capable hands of our Operations Director, Clayten Gouws!

YES, we are going to continue doing ministry in the States (and a bit of business too)!

In March this year, after a long season of wrestling with God, Julie and I got to a point where we felt like He was calling us to a season in America. After praying and processing with some of our closest friends, we acknowledged that God was calling us to step out of our comfort zones, yet again, and fly over the pond to make a new home.

Then in September, we started the Green Card application process, which would allow me to live and work in the U.S. The fastest I’d ever heard of someone receiving his Green Card was 6 months, so I figured if everything went smoothly, March/April would be a realistic time for us to move.

Turns out things went a lot smoother than expected, and on December 7th, I collected my immigrant visa from our local DHL office. The entire process took 2.5 months! (Praise God, that’s nothing short of a miracle! Come on somebody!)

Ever since anticipating this season change, we started talking about a successful transition strategy for Yebo Life. We don't want it simply survive without us in Cape Town, but we believe that God has plans for it to thrive as an organization. Insert Clayten Gouws, local Afrikaans-speaking stud of a man and Kingdom extraordinaire! Clayten stepped into a leadership role within Yebo Life back in June and has been guiding our team to greener pastures ever since. Much of the organization’s current health is attributed to Clayten’s leadership style and commitment to consistency. 

So what exactly will we be doing in America? The Barwick family is headed to California! Over the past few months I’ve been connecting with a ministry leader that has massive vision to see God’s Kingdom establishing itself throughout The Golden State!

Alongside serving the church in California, we've started a business that represents and distributes South African made artisanal goods to U.S. retailers. We hope the business will contribute to the finances we need to live on the West Coast!

The move will also give me the awesome opportunity to increase Yebo Life’s network in territories we’ve never been exposed to. In regard to Yebo Life, I’ll be focusing on building relationships with U.S. churches and donors, recruiting missions teams, and fundraising. We’ve always wanted someone stateside sharing vision and representing Yebo Life, and we figured I’d be the best person for the job.

We don't have all the details just yet, but as soon as more concrete plans are made, I’ll send you another update. In the meantime, we ask that you lift us up in prayer and support us with your love and encouragement!

Thank you to everyone who continues to love, encourage, and support us. I ask that you don't stop now, but instead, draw nearer to us! Let’s embark on this new, exciting adventure together! 

I’ll keep you all updated as we progress. As of right now, we leave Cape Town on December 21st, and will be spending the festive season with Julie’s family in Tennessee. Our estimated arrival in California is April/May, as we have tons to do before heading to the wild wild west.

I really believe this move is marked by us stepping into our destiny. It’s that big. If you have any further questions, please email me at

Love you all.

Heart to God.
Spread the Stoke.