Fanning the Flame

Ross sharing some encouragement with one of the Future Stars soccer teams.

This month's Team Thoughts blog was written by Ross Krabbe. Ross is a ministry support person for Revelation Ministries and Future Life. Every week, he works with Future Stars, Cross Life, and Rise Up. We really admire Ross's heart for relationship as well as his desire to see brokenhearted people restored with hope, love, and joy.

As I've processed through living and serving in Cape Town for almost a year, I've been blown away by all that the Lord has done. It seems like there hasn't been a week that's gone by when something short of a miracle hasn't happened.

From experiencing a ton of personal growth and freedom to seeing the work of Yebo Life bear amazing fruit to bearing witness to Jesus working in people's lives, it really has been an amazing year.

Over the past few months, I've been learning about my passions and where they come from, and I've discovered that I feel passion from two places: my head and my heart. The passions from my head are those of wanting to feel secure, having a house, being financial stability, starting a family. The passions that I feel from my heat are things like serving people, generously giving of my resources, and being obedient to dreams that the Lord has given me.

When I think about following my heart's passions, it usually doesn't make sense to my head. But I've come to realize that when I choose to follow my heart's desires, a fire is lit inside of me.

Now, if you've ever watched a fire, you know that flames travel upward. Think about it. If a fire starts in my head passion area, it'll only burn for a short while until it goes out. On the other hand, if a fire starts in my heart passion area, it'll move up... and soon, my head and heart will be lit by the same flame.

I've found that when my head and my heart are connected, I'm able to put forth all my efforts into the things that I'm working on—with great intention and passion. As a result, I'm much more productive, and I feel less burnt-out than if I'm constantly trying to work from two disconnected spaces.

I believe that my heart's desires come from the Lord and that all I need to do is 1) say "YES!" to Him and 2) actively and continually surrender all of the other desires that come from my head. The Lord is so faithful to do the things that He says He'll do. Keep seeking Him, and everything will work out for the greater good.