A Move of the Holy Spirit

Richard and Charl, a friend of Yebo Life, praying with a group of Future Talk boys.

This month, we asked Richard Harris, one of the Yebo Life team members, to write about how God has been moving amongst the people and communities where we invest much of our time. The following blog is what he had to share with us.

Lately, Jesus has been overwhelming me by His powerful presence and amazing love! I've seen a surge in the Spirit as He has been rescuing the lost from darkness, setting the captives free, and healing the brokenhearted from all kinds of despair.

Over the last 3 years of going into Lavender Hill to support the Restoring Hands soup kitchen, we've seen a gradual change in the people of the community. At first, they seemed a bit distant and unsure of the Yebo Life team, but now, after building consistent rapport with the locals, we're able to speak the Word of God into many lives in an amazing way.

It’s powerful when we allow the Holy Spirit to direct us in conversation and connection with people!

The Yebo Life team and its ministry partners encounter challenges like drug addiction, lack of identity, hopelessness, the fatherless children, abuse in all forms, gang influence and control, many forms of violence, extreme poverty, and starvation. Still, we're encouraged by what God is doing, as we're seeing wonderful miracles and healings happen almost every week. As a bonus, it’s been amazing to see how our team members have grown in confidence and stepped into their God-given callings.

I’d like to share a testimony of God in action in Lavender Hill.

A few weeks ago, I was at the Restoring Hands soup kitchen and a man came up to us with rage in his eyes and swollen hands—fists clenched. We asked what had happened, and he told us that he'd been in an altercation with his "drug-addicted girlfriend." He'd gotten so angry that he punched the wall. His hands were horribly swollen, and he could barely move or straighten his fingers.

As we took his hands and prayed for him, the swelling subsided and his anger became peacefulness. Tears flooded his eyes. We shared the Gospel and told him that Christ had come to set him free from anger. "Jesus will give you peace, despite your circumstance." The man responded by committing his life to Jesus. God literally restored his hands and saved him for all eternity!

There is a move of God sweeping through this nation.

Souls are being ushered into the Kingdom as baptisms and healings are taking place, and we love seeing how God uses us—by sending us into communities we otherwise wouldn't dare venture—to see His purposes fulfilled. It's really exciting to see the Lord move! Please pray with us that He sends the laborers, as the harvest is very ripe!