"Let's Fix It" in the Cape Flats

Edwin and Auntie Monica's husband standing in front of the couple's new home.

One of Restoring Hands’ ministry programs is Let’s Fix It. The initiative identifies families in the Lavender Hill area that are need in of new home because their current living conditions are inadequate.

There is a widespread need for more suitable housing, but Edwin and Angie allow God to lead the way in choosing who to build for. They trust God for the finances then rally community members to source building materials and assist with the construction process. Once the house is complete, they continue to walk a journey with the family by providing counseling and addressing the family's emotional, relational, and/or spiritual needs.  

Earlier this year, our friends from Grace Christian Church in Detroit, MI funded and built a home for an elderly couple. Auntie Monica is legally blind, and her husband is unable to work due to a back injury. At times, they also need to take care of their grandchildren. 

We sat down with Edwin to learn more about the impact that Let's Fix It is having on people's lives in the Cape Flats. Listen to what he had to say in the video below.