The Fruits of Community

Clayten and Ivan chatting at the Revelation Ministries base in Lavender Hill.

Yebo Life started out, and still operates, as an organization set on seeing the nation of South Africa restored to Jesus with hope, value and self-worth. One thing that’s transpired over the last 3 years is something none of us could have anticipated.

We started establishing relationships with local leaders in Cape Town, with the mission to empower them and their initiatives so that they have even greater impact in their communities. We needed to make sure that our partners understood that we were there to not just support and help them, but to come alongside and empower them. Likewise, we had to ensure that we understood our partners’ visions and missions before we could give input that was both helpful and empowering.

It took time to form solid relationships with our ministry partners because we come from different communities, churches, and upbringings, and we speak different languages. We also had different mindsets when it came to issues like poverty alleviation and community outreach, hence one of our core values: listen to locals.

The main reason why we can share Field Stories so frequently and openly with the world is because we've been devoted to building solid relationships with our ministry partners. We've grown to understand each other’s visions and have established healthy working relationships. We’ve also realized the value of consistent interaction—serving and meeting with our ministry partners on a regular basis.

God often works in surprising ways and at unanticipated times. More than once, the biggest testimonies have come from the most normal of days, when deaf ears have opened, youth groups have come together to pray for their leaders, and baptisms happened. It’s from this close connection that we can hear about how God is moving in the communities and establish points of prayer and intercession!

Every time our ministry partners start something new, they bring us in on their dreams and vision for the project. They constantly share with us what God is speaking to them and what He has placed on their hearts. They ask us to pray with them and allow us to become a part of their journeys.

Our work as Yebo Life would never be as impactful as it is without relationships. From hands-on volunteers, to logistical support and advocating for funds and resources, it all stems from a network of people who have been brought together and unified in God.

Despite the various differences and challenges we've encountered, we know that we are called to these communities in Cape Town and that God will lead the way. The leaders we work with are not just “ministry partners” anymore, but brothers and sisters in Christ. We see them in a different light, make an effort to understand their struggles, and have become great friends with them. They're a part of the family now.

God’s Spirit has made us one in purpose and love and continues to work through us by His grace. We can’t wait to share more of His goodness!