Women's Empowerment Program

Angie addressing the 10 ladies at the beauty day, with Monz in the background.

This Field Story was contributed by Monique Coetzee. Monz serves several of our partners on a weekly basis, and she's the Pied Piper of children's ministry! We are thankful to her for sharing about the impact she's seeing in Lavender Hill and love her heart to invest in the community.

Restoring Hands, one of our ministry partners, has vision to empower the women in their community, so Edwin and Angie started a program that teaches the women of Lavender Hill about their value and worth.

The Du Plooys want the ladies to believe that they have the ability to lead and to look after their families. They want them to realize what's inside of themselves—that God has instilled a unique set of gifts and talents in each of them that can and should be used in life.

Part of the empowerment program is a women's beauty day, and recently, Yebo Life along with Grace Christian Church (Detroit, MI) and YWAM supported Restoring Hands in launching its first one ever!

The day aimed to communicate to 10 women who attend the soup kitchen that they are beautiful and precious daughters of God. We did their makeup, painted their nails, shampooed and blew their hair dry, and gave them a new outfit. Then we spoke to them about the importance of taking care of their physical bodies. All of this was done so that they could see their internal truth manifested outwardly

The ladies had a lovely day, and since then, I've noticed that one of them in particular has really started tending to herself and letting her light shine. She now comes to the soup kitchen walking confidently—her hair blown out and wearing a bit of makeup. She no longer hides her head with a scarf. I can see that she better understands her value and knows that she has something to give in the world.

Restoring Hands plans to continue meeting with these 10 women about what's happening in their lives, and the hope is to eventually help them learn new skills so that they can support their families in new ways.

Please pray with us that this initiative would see great, deep, meaningful impact in the Lavender Hill community and beyond. To find out how you can get involved, please email tony@yebo-life.com.