Field Stories in 2018

Yebo Life Co-Founder Tony Barwick and me sorting goods for the Restoring Hands Stationery Project with a few other volunteers.

2018 is here! Fresh off the press!

Another year full of possibilities, opportunities, and stories.

At Yebo Life we are honored to see and hear so many stories of how Jesus is working in the communities around Cape Town, and we'd love to share some of those with you throughout the year. What blows my mind when I think about all the stories of victory and hope that we got to share in 2017 is that they're not just stories but they are real testimonies of real people who are quite probably experiencing difficulties way beyond most of our comprehension... everyday of their lives!

Each of them rose to see beyond their circumstances, to believe, and to hope again. To take action against the hooks that were keeping them down and to break free into a new sense of life and and living.

I am believing in 2018 for even more crazy stories of people encountering Jesus, people being set free from addiction, families being reconciled and restored, and people realizing that there is a Father who is recklessly in love with them!

As the ministries that we work with continue to pursue God's heart for their communities, new dreams are born and ideas birthed. Along with those come new faces, new struggles... but also new victories and testimonies that we get the privilege of sharing with you!

My heart is that these stories, over the next 12 months, will allow our eyes to be opened, even if just for a glimpse into what God is doing here in Cape Town. That the Holy Spirit will use them to awaken in us a passion and a desire to see God's kingdom come outside of our own little “kingdom” and for us to engage in what God is doing all over the world!

If even one of these stories this year sparks a flame in you that pushes you deeper into Jesus and what He is doing in the world around us, then it's ALL been worth it!

So jump on board! 

Pray for us. Connect with us. Get involved with us.

Be a part of the story Jesus is writing in Cape Town and all across South Africa!