I know the plans I have for you.

Edwin, Tayreen, and Janett in Lavender Hill

Tayreen is a young girl from Lavender Hill with a bright future. She is 22 years of age. Sometimes, even though you have potential, you do not have the ability to build your future on your own. Sometimes, you need help. The Lord works in many mysterious ways, but He always makes a way. 

When Tayreen was a seven month-old, her father passed away. Her mother loves Tayreen very much but has been in ill health for many years and has not been able to support Tayreen financially. Tayreen has not wanted the kind of life that people are expected to have in the area she lives. In Lavender Hill, there is a lot of gangsterism and people earn a low income, contributing to children dropping out of school. Tayreen said she will not have this life for herself. She wants to have a better life and wants to be educated.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you a hope and a future.
— Jeremiah 29:11

Janett is the lady that has been helping Tayreen with her schooling. When Tayreen was a little girl, the Lord caused Janett's eyes to fall on her, and Janett knew she needed to help this child. Janett has been looking after Tayreen as if she was her own child. Janett helped Tayreen through school as much as she could. When Tayreen was in 11th grade, she could not afford to stay in school due to the financial situation of her family. Janett said to herself, “I will help her and helped her to go to college.” Janett said that one day when she is not around, she wants Tayreen to be one of the shinning stars for the youth in the Cape Flats, showing them that they can become something one day and have a future.

Tayreen started studying at a college in 2015. She did her beginning levels and passed, but then hard times came and financial struggle caused her to fail her 3rd year. She approached Janett and asked for help. She needed R6,000 to continue studying. At this time, Janett had heard of Edwin du Plooy and Restoring Hands. Janett heard that Pastor Edwin was doing good work in the community, and she and Tayreen met with Edwin to discuss the struggle Tayreen had. Edwin had a connection with an American couple Seth and Erin, who were looking for someone to help financially. Seth, Erin, and Edwin met with Janett and Tayreen to talk about their circumstances, then Seth and Erin went away to pray about if this was who the Lord wanted them to help. They came back and said that this was what the Lord wanted. They paid the R6,000 Tayreen needed, and she got to continue her education. This whole process took Restoring Hands less then three weeks to complete.

Restoring Hands has been thinking of ways to help college students get funded for a long time. Edwin and his wife, Angie, believe that education and a relationship with the Lord is the key to a restored future. Tayreen is currently studying tourism, and when she finishes, she plans to study hospitality. She has a dream to start an organization that will help children like herself who are born into difficult situations.

What a great opportunity to help raise a new leader in the Cape Flats community! This is a true testimony of the Lord providing through His church. He has a great plan for Tayreen! Her story is a testimony that there is hope for the future. May we all trust that He will make a way.