1. Relationship-Based

Our relationships with God, our team, local leaders, local communities, and our donors are at the foundation of everything we do. The impact of our work is merely a fruit of these relationships, in which we fight for unity, love, and honor and celebrate the victories—both big and small.


2. Kingdom-Bringers

We believe that we are carriers of God’s Kingdom, and we have vision to see it reigning in the communities where we work. When God’s Kingdom comes, the atmosphere shifts, miracles and restoration happen, and the world changes. For these reasons, we are committed to seeing South Africa through a Kingdom perspective.


3. "Yes" Life

"Yebo" means "yes" in many African tribal languages. We continually say yes to God and yes to the life He has for us, regardless of what the world says. In the context of healthy community, we spur each other on and risk for Jesus. We are creative visionaries, radical in faith and contagious in spirit, who desire to see all believers living out their God-given callings.


4. heart to god

We seek God above mission and agendas. We believe good trees produce good fruit, and for that reason, we plant our roots deep. Everything we do as a team is a fruit of putting our individual relationships with Jesus first. This is why our overall vision is to see the nation of South Africa restored to Jesus with hope, value, and self-worth.


5. #listentolocals

We advocate for local leaders and partner with them to uplift their communities. We acknowledge that we do not have all of the answers and understand that our way is not the way. Our work is not based on “saving,” but rather on listening, learning, and empowering local people’s vision for lasting impact.


6. Good Stewards

We are dedicated to creating sustainable funding methods for Yebo Life’s operating costs, and our desire is that 100% of donations will one day be used to solely support local ministries, leaders, and projects. In regard to finances, we seek to be faithful stewards who operate with transparency, gratitude, integrity, and modesty.


7. ambassadors

We represent Jesus and Yebo Life in and out of work hours. It's that simple.