Tony and Julie with Malik, Jordan, and a couple other boys who attend the Restoring Hands soup kitchen and craft program on a regular basis.

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Founded in 2014, Yebo Life is a budding grassroots organization that relies on the generosity of people and churches to continue empowering local leaders in Cape Town. You can help us continue our work by clicking the donate button below! Both one-time gifts and monthly recurring donations are tax-deductible through Senai Global.

Please note that by clicking the donate button, your gift will be used for our operating costs. If you would like to give specifically to one of our projects, visit our Projects page for more information.

It is only possible to setup monthly recurring donations via a desktop or laptop computer—not on phones or pads.


what it takes to operate

a look at our 2017 budget: $6,100 p/m

Team Salaries • $4,000 p/m • 65%

The bulk of our budget is used to provide salaries for our South African team members. These funds will pay for five positions.


OFFICE SPACE • $300 p/m • 5%

We have a small office with wifi where we hold team meetings, do organizational development work with our partners, and prepare crafts and other materials for ministry.


OFFICE SUPPLIES • $120 p/m • 2%

We often need to buy general office supplies, like printer paper and ink, pens, folders, etc.


PHONES • $120 P/M • 2%

These funds pay for our office phone and Tony's phone, as he often makes calls on behalf of Yebo Life.


Team Retreats • $300 p/m • 5%

We go on two team retreats per year. This is a time of blessing and refreshment for us and gives us an opportunity to set goals for the year and build solid relationships with each other.

TRAVEL • $420 P/M • 7%

Tony travels to the U.S. at least once per year to fundraise. These funds are used for his plane ticket, rental car, and petrol allowance.


COFFEE & SNACKS • $120 p/m • 2%

We stock coffee at our office and occasionally provide snacks for team meetings. We also take our partners out for coffee or tea on a regular basis and purchase birthday cakes and cards for them and their volunteers.

MARKETING • $420 p/m • 7%

These funds cover marketing costs, like website and email hosting, printing, and design work.


Accounting • $300 p/m • 5%

An accounting firm does all of our bookkeeping, payroll, and end-of-year audits. These funds are used to pay for their services and bank fees.


Yebo Life raises funds through Senai Global, a 501(c)(3) that issues tax deductions to all of our U.S. donors. Yebo Life receives 100% of its donations. Check donations should be made payable to Senai Global, noted that the gift is for Yebo Life, and mailed to: P.O. Box 133, Waxhaw, NC 28173. Please note that Yebo Life and Senai Global are unable to return donations.