With the addition of local Clayten Gouws to our team in January 2017, Yebo Life grew to a staff of eight. It shrunk a bit when Ross and Catherine Krabbe wrapped up their one-year commitment and moved back to the States (pregnant!) in September. Fanus and Richard also underwent season changes at the end of the year and transitioned out of their roles with Yebo Life. Going into the New Year, Yebo Life's operations will be carried out by the remaining four: Clayten and Monique on the ground in Cape Town, and Tony and Julie in the States. 

This slimline edition of Yebo Life is more focused, passionate, and impact-oriented than ever before. I’m so stoked when I think about where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. Also, the individual growth and maturity of our team members in 2017 were of epic proportions. I’m so proud of these champions.
— Co-Founder Tony Barwick

Transfer of Leadership

Tony and Clayten worked extra hard at exchanging the baton of leadership from one to the other in 2017 so that Clayten can hit the ground running in 2018. He'll be living at Safe Haven and continuing to manage our ground operations while Tony will be broadening our international network and deepening existing relationships with individuals and churches in the U.S.

team Fun Facts

1. Julie and Catherine were/are pregnant!

2. Baby Bear Barwick was born on August 23rd!

3. Tony and Clayten started new businesses!

4. Monique went on her first missions trip and completed Antioch's Discipleship Training School!

5. Ross, Richard, and Fanus traveled to Lesotho!



Yebo Life opened Safe Haven in February 2017 based on a prophetic word that Tony and Julie received in 2014. It was a place of refuge and rest for an estimated 125 guests this year (WOW!) and will continue to operate in 2018. Our hope is that even more people will be able to enjoy this spectacular home on the coast in the New Year. Please pray with us that God's peace and anointing would continue to be on Safe Haven and all who stay there.


Safe Haven Fun Facts

1. Number of bedrooms: 6

2. Number of bathrooms: 4.5

3. Number of times Clayten got locked in the bathroom: 1

4. Number of team meetings held: 35

5. Number of Round Tables held: 2

6. Number of braai fires lit: 22

7. Number of steps from the street to the house: 120

8. Number of times we spied snakes on the steps: 2

9. Number of times we spied whales in the bay: 150

11. Number of funicular rides: 1,340

Safe Haven is a special place. You can literally feel the physical presence of the Holy Spirit, and many people have encountered Jesus in a big way during their time there.
— Co-Founder Julie Barwick


We hosted our first Round Table sessions in 2017: 1) Local is Lekker and 2) Leaving a Legacy. Our partners gathered at Safe Haven to discuss relevant topics and to take a look at the challenges they face as ministry leaders. We also spent time dreaming about the future of their communities. We are currently fine-tuning the Toolbox, a partner development program, that will launch in 2018. The program is being designed to more practically empower our partners and will help them with various facets of running a ministry, like team building, organizational development, finance/budgeting, and fundraising.

A huge success story was seeing a former drug addict turn his and his family’s lives around. He had no job or house and was in desperate need of work. Now, thanks to Restoring Hands, he’s working seven days a week and is pouring back into his community by doing things like helping to build a new house for another Lavender Hill resident.
— Operations Director Clayten Gouws

Completed Projects

Yebo Life assisted with fundraising and organizing resources for the following projects in 2017, totaling $11,975 in funding:

1. Restoring Hands: Soup Kitchen
2. Brightly Beams Educare: Secure Entrance Gate
3. Future Stars: Soccer Cleat Drive
4. Restoring Hands: Food Baskets
5. Rise Up: Christmas Gifts
6. Rise Up: Meals for the Children
7. Restoring Hands: Let's Fix It
8. Restoring Hands: After School Project
9. Future Talk: School Camp
10. Restoring Hands: Christmas Party
11. Restoring Hands: Stationery Project
12. Brightly Beams Educare: Christmas Gifts
13. Restoring Hands: Beauty Day
14. Brightly Beams Educare: Aquarium Field Trip
15. Future Life: Women's Conference
16. Rise Up: After School Project

Ministry Partner Fun Facts

1. Sisterhood is now operating every day!

2. Restoring Hands launched the Beauty Day!

3. Rise Up launched the After School Project!

4. Restoring Hands fed 350 people on Christmas Day!

5. Pastor Gerald and Colleen had another granddaughter!

6. A R22 million sports complex is being built on the land that Revelation Ministries operates on, meaning programs like Rise Up will be able to benefit from the facilities!

7. Ronald moved into a new house!



We hosted two missions teams from Grace Christian Church in Detroit, MI this year—one in June and the other in July. Both teams served with all of our ministry partners and funded and participated in the completion of several projects. We are beyond thankful for this group that's been working with us in Cape Town since 2014 and for the energy, enthusiasm, and refreshment that they bring to Yebo Life and our ministry partners! In October, we hosted our first Donor Vision Trip and had the privilege of showing seven of our supporters what we do firsthand. It was both an honor and a blast having these guys in Cape Town, and we highly look forward to round two in 2018!


Missions Team Fun Facts

1. Keith Ancrum beat Tony in a buck poo spitting competition!

2. Malcom videoed an entire missions trip—check it out below!

3. July saw Renee Lenn's 5th trip with Yebo Life!

4. July saw Christian Flanagan's 4th trip with Yebo Life!

5. Ron German is the best storyteller to have ever graced Safe Haven!

6. The fan favorite meal was always mama Debbie's lasagna and malva pudding!

7. Matt Whitson ate at least four carrot cakes during the Donor Vision Trip.

The Donor Vision Trip gave our supporters a chance to taste and feel what Yebo Life does on a daily basis. We sought to share the fullness of the ministry in one week and believe we achieved what we set out to do! As for Team Detroit, those legends doubled their impact this year by filling two missions team slots. As a result, they hugely aided in the success of 2017!
— Co-Founder Tony Barwick


We are beyond thankful for all of our supporters who have made another year of work possible. In 2017, we raised $60,000 for operations and $12,000 for projects. We had our most successful fundraiser to date in November! During our Giving Tuesday fundraiser (#Friendsgiving), we raised nearly $11,000 in 24 hours. Those funds will help us get a head start on our 2018 operating budget. We were also featured on national television for the first time ever. That's right, Clayten traveled to East London in October to share about Yebo Life on the Christian Broadcasting Network. He's famous!


2017 Operating Budget

Team Salaries  •  $4,000 P/M

Office Space  •  $300 P/M

Office Supplies  •  $120 P/M

Phones  •  $120 P/M

Team Retreats  •  $300 P/M

Travel  •  $420 P/M

Coffee & Snacks  •  $120 P/M

Marketing  •  $420 P/M

Accounting & Banking  •  $300 P/M

Our monthly budget was forecasted to be $6,100 per month, as reflected above. In 2017, we raised an average of $5,000 per month, which allowed us to pay team salaries, office rent, accounting fees, and a few other non-negotiable bills throughout the year. Approximately 20% of our operating budget total was also raised for community projects. As we continue to grow and raise more income, it’ll be great to invest more in the organization through marketing, training, and well-qualified team members. This way, we’ll be even better able to pour into our ministry partners and ultimately impact more adults and children in Cape Town.
— Co-Founder Julie Barwick