Our big-picture vision is to see the nation of South Africa restored to Jesus with hope, value, and self-worth, and we believe God has given us a specific piece of the pie (working with leaders) to see this vision come to fruition. That being said, our mission is to empower local leaders to rise up to who God has called them to be and to have impact in their communities.

Through relational investment in local areas, God has brought us an incredible network of leaders who have hearts to reach their own people. We call these leaders our ministry partners, and our approach is to ingest and fully submit to their visions. Then we link arms with them to have lasting impact in their communities.



People often ask us what it looks like to empower local leaders, and today, we're happy to say that our model for ministry is 100% organic. What we mean is that, by the grace of God, "how we do it" just... happened. We truly believe that this model is God-breathed. Over the course of two years, all we did was simply pay attention to how God decided to move through us.


1. Weekly Ministry Support

If our partners are doing it, we're doing it! At least one of our team members is serving every week with each of our ministry partners. This has proved to be one of the most important aspects of what we do, as it ensures 1) we remain privy to what's happening on the field and 2) solidifies trust and relationship with our partners.

Monique supports Restoring Hands by leading its weekly craft program.

2. Organizational Development

As necessary and welcomed, we help our ministry partners better define their visions, missions, goals, and ministry models. After these initial sit-down meetings, we're able to assist with other organizational needs, such as applications for nonprofit status, team & program development, and branding & marketing.

Julie led our partner development meetings in 2016, like this one with Ronald of Future Life.

3. Leadership Development

This is one of the newest and most exciting things that we offer our ministry partners! In 2016, we hosted our first workshop, and it was a huge success. As a result, we decided to hold two workshops per year as well as quarterly round table discussions to ensure our partners are being poured into and developing as leaders.

Miranda, Cayla, Sydney, and Ronald of Future Life doing a team building activity at a Yebo Life workshop.

4. Project Assistance

We advocate for all of our ministry partners and raise funds to help them complete projects, such as youth discipleship camps, building renovations, and feeding schemes. We're always prayerful when deciding which projects to assist with, and our team commits to seeing all projects through to fruition. If you'd like to sponsor a project, click here.

A missions team from Detroit, MI helped Restoring Hands build a new house for a soup kitchen family.

5. Short-Term Volunteers

We host missions teams, interns, and other short-term volunteers who are passionate about what we're doing in Cape Town. We love how volunteers bring a fresh dose of enthusiasm to the table! Cultural briefings and regular debriefings are a part of our commitment to short-term volunteers to ensure they and our ministry partners are setup up for success.

Charmaine interned with Yebo Life for 4 weeks in 2016.



The majority of our ministry partners are located in the Cape Flats, a predominantly coloured area in Cape Town, South Africa. We currently work in the following communities within the Cape Flats: Lavender Hill, Capricorn Park, Westlake, and Cafda.

We partner with three organizations in an area of Lavender Hill called Seawards.